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Project GloBAL Regional Pages Overview

To integrate the information compiled in existing literature and in our country profiles, we developed 10 regional assessments and summaries. All completed regional assessments and summaries have been posted to this website. They include the following: Southwest Atlantic, U.S.A. (NW Atlantic and N. Pacific), Southeast Asia, Mediterranean and Black Seas, Oceania, Southern Ocean, West Africa, and the West Indian Ocean. The Caribbean and Eastern Tropical Pacific are part of two doctoral dissertations and will be posted upon completion. All products are valuable tools in identifying what information exists within and among regions and provides a means to identify regions and countries for future research.

The Project GloBAL team generated 82 country profiles, the purpose of which was to create a comprehensive background review to help inform the regional assessments. In some regions, they proved to be a very useful and effective tool for that task, which resulted in the completion of a large proportion of country profiles within those regions. The country profiles were used extensively in evaluating global fishing effort for one of our synthesis products. Although some of these profiles remain in draft form, all have been posted to this website for use by other researchers and the public.