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Science Magazine: Sea Turtles Suffer Collateral Damage From Fishing

More than 8 million sea turtles have died in the past 2 decades after being accidentally caught by fishing vessels, a global analysis suggests. The researchers identify the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Pacific Ocean as particularly dangerous for sea turtles. But they also note that turtle deaths probably are widely underreported, particularly along coastlines with small-scale fishing.

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CNN: Millions of Sea Turtles Killed Accidentally?

Entangled and drowned in a fishing net off the coast of Brazil, these green sea turtles in an undated picture are just a few of the millions of sea turtles that have been unintentionally killed by fishing operations over the past 20 years, according to a study released today by the journal Conservation Letters.

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Dr. Rebecca Lewison Earthsky Interview

Project GloBAL's Dr. Rebecca Lewison gives an overview of the goals of the project and the challenges associated with answering some fundamental bycatch questions on NPR's EarthSky Program

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International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) Symposium

by Matt Besch — 2009-08-07 05:45

We ended Project GloBAL with a capstone symposium at the First International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) entitled “Science, activism, knowledge, and policy: The ingredients and challenges to reducing fisheries bycatch.”

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2008 ISTS Workshop Proceedings

by Matt Besch — 2009-05-18 00:55

Project GloBAL. 2009. Workshop Proceedings: Tackling Fisheries Bycatch: Managing and reducing sea turtle bycatch in gillnets. Project GloBAL Technical Memorandum No. 1, 57pp.

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