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Project GloBAL's Regional Approach

Both fishing vessels and ocean megafauna are distributed across ocean regions, crossing national boundaries. Despite these ocean-wide distributions, most of the bycatch research has focused on bycatch by a particular fleet. Recognizing the importance of looking at a larger spatial scale, we are taking a regional approach to bycatch across the globe. Using FAO delineated areas (see Map), we’ve created regional teams to focus on bycatch knowledge and research activity across the regions. To meet the goals of this project, we feel it’s critical to strengthen avenues of communication, promote coordination of research efforts, and facilitate knowledge transfer among individuals and organizations. We are strongly committed to working in collaboration with ongoing research efforts through data sharing, building capacity through technical workshops focused on spatial and quantitative analysis of bycatch data, as well as developing joint analyses and collaborative products. We are also working with partners to attract funding for support of mitigation gear testing, observer data collection, fisher education programs and other applied bycatch mitigation efforts.

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