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Collaborator Resources

Information about working with Project GloBAL, and resources for our partners.

Tackling the serious problem of fisheries bycatch of seabirds, marine mammals and sea turtles at a global scale requires international attention. To meet the goals of this project, we feel it is critical that we strengthen avenues of communication and facilitate knowledge transfer among individuals and organizations working to understand bycatch while promoting sustainable fisheries. One of the most important ways to achieve these goals is through collaborations. Collaborations can take many forms; from expert consultation, participation in hosted regional meetings, to direct partnerships in research and analysis.  We welcome all of these forms of collaborations and are actively looking to establish these connections with international colleagues.

We are strongly committed to working in collaboration with ongoing research efforts through data sharing, building capacity through technical workshops focused on spatial and quantitative analysis of bycatch data, as well as developing joint analyses and collaborative products. We are also working with partners to attract funding for support of mitigation gear testing, observer data collection, fisher education programs and other applied bycatch mitigation efforts.